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Services provided at GMB


Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting is one of our main services provided here at GMB. Perfectly strimmed edges and neatly cut grass, with a striped finish. Not only will regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly cuts keep your grass looking good, it will also keep your grass healthy.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming is something we at GMB do regularly, keeping on top of faster-growing hedges but also semi-regularly throughout the year with multiple visits for hedges such as holly hedge and conifers.

Shrub Shaping

Shrub Shaping may be a more regular service, with existing customers loving to keep shrubs in shape all year round. Whether it be squared or rounded.


Turf Laying

Not only do we cut grass but we can also lay new lawns. Prepping correctly, levelling the area for the new lawn to be a flat as possible with topsoil if needed. Each roll interlocked like brickwork making sure the knitting process is effective.


Tidy Ups

We class a 'Tidy Up' as a complete garden transformation, from everything being overgrown to being neat and tidy and looking brand new.


Strimming Jobs

We offer a strimming service when the area isn't appropriate for the lawn mower or the grass is too long or thick. This process consists of multiple strims of the same area with raking grass cutting in between to get the best possible finish.

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